Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Monday, 29 March 2010

More of adopted daughters Pok Nor Nik

More of adopted daughters Bahri

adopt daughter12

Ayin, Ayah, Ma n Nisya

adopt daughter11

adopt daughters10

adopted daughter n son at neram 2

adopt daughters9

Adopted son n daughter with his/her mother n father at Felda Neram 2

adopt daughter8

some of adopt son n daughter

adopt daughter1

From left Nisya n Ma

Nik Brother

Nik Brother n Elder Sister

adopt daughter6

Left  Ayin Right Nisya

adopt daughter 5

adopt daughters

adopt daughter 3

adopt daughter

My adopt daughters From Left Aying, Me, Adham (my son), Tie (my wife) n Nisya

adopt daughter

 27-2-2010 At Felda Neram 2, Poco-poco dance training.

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